Automated Order Fulfillment Machine


Automated Order Fulfillment Machine

This automated equipment was built by RDM as a product processing solution for the band.it project and integrates the Fulfillment by RDM service. Our custom software communicates with band.it’s online store, allowing for immediate order processing. Similar solutions are custom-built to support inventors’ requirements and capability to efficiently scale their business.


Automated full-service work station for production and order processing.



Automated Cutting

Integrated software enables effective customization of the band.it product allowing production of various sizes that precisely fit over 400 camera lens variants.



Using microcontrollers and microcomputers allows for simple program maintenance and updates. The equipment internally converts order information from the server to product dimensions and production controls resulting to streamlines and accurate order fulfillment.



Web integrated software links directly to the band.it online store, creating a seamless order fulfillment solution and off-site monitoring of inventory levels.