Automation Design


Automation Design

With recent advances in technology, automated machine design has become a choice for many businesses looking to improve production efficiency and minimize cost. Our team of mechanical and electrical engineers create custom equipment  to suit your needs and improve your business operations.


Modular Design

Custom automation can be expensive, which is why we build  our automation solutions using modular aluminum extrusion. This modularity provides great versatility and enables us to adapt designs  as needed to scale with your needs  at a fraction of the cost.


Pneumatic Integration

Reliability is critical for ensuring that an automated equipment   remains functional. By incorporating high-quality pneumatics, electrical motors, and various sensors into our  designs, we deliver dependable solutions.


Powerful Processing

There are many benefits to incorporating computer processors into automated  equipment. Adding processing power, or “a brain”, to your machine in the form of integrated circuits and micro-controllers not only simplifies the maintenance and update process, but also allows for easy monitoring, control, and optimization of  day-to-day operations.