CNC Machining


CNC Machining

We offer  a wide range of CNC manufacturing capabilities, including milling, turning, and plasma cutting. With skilled in-house machinists and  state-of-the-art equipment, our  CNC services  can meet your design specifications. Whether it is a single unit, or a small scale production run, we have you covered.



Our CNC milling services allow us to meet our customers’ demands for complex and precision parts made from plastic or metal.

  • Multi-axis machining

  • Low or high volume production runs

  • Surface finishing



For parts that are primarily cylindrical, we use CNC turning to create intricate design features that include:

  • Internal/external threading

  • Grooves

  • Holes


Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting allows for 2D parts like brackets to be cut from metal with ease, saving time and money in comparison to their 3D milled  counterpart. While the design features of the end parts may be  limited,  they are robust and effective for many applications.



Through a diverse poll of industry contacts and suppliers, we offer more than 100 materials to choose from for your product, thus  maximizing your design’s utility while  minimizing production costs.