Reverse Engineered Ferrari Button

Reverse Engineered Ferrari Buttons

There’s a common problem with the launch control switches within many Ferrari models. Therefore we’ve reverse-engineered these standard buttons to restore your console back to new. With OEM specs, and improved material composite, they look and work exactly as the original for a fraction of the cost.


Breathe new life into your console.

Installation of these buttons is easy. Simply remove your console, dispose of the worn out buttons, and install the replacements. For detailed installation instructions please watch the video.

  • No need to replace old wiring harness

  • Only tool required is a Phillips head screwdriver


Lifetime Warranty

We engineered it out of higher quality plastics so it will last the lifetime of your car. If, for some reason, your button wears out, we will ship you a brand new one free of charge.


Easy Installation

You don’t even have to pull your console out. Just remove the remnants of your old button with a small screwdriver (make sure that every crack is debris-free) and press fit this button into its place!


Injection Molded

We produce each button in Gainesville, Florida. For quality assurance, we install each new button into a test Ferrari console to check tolerances and insure that your button will fit - every time.


If you are interested in purchasing a button to replace the button in your Ferrari, shoot us an email. The button links directly to our lead engineer’s email, and he can mold one for your console immediately.

  • We can verify that our control launch buttons will fit with your specific Ferrari console.

  • We can service your request for $150 per button.

  • We process orders within business 2 days.