Injection Molding


Injection Molding

At RDM, our proprietary in-house equipment  and manufacturing processes allow us to run low-volume plastic, silicone, or overmolded parts which  are produced at a fraction of the cost typical for  other manufacturers. Whatever parts are needed, our capabilities  allow us to have pre-production components delivered in a week. These small-scale production runs are perfect for market validation and product launches, giving versatility and insight into how a  product will be received.


Plastic Molding

With a variety of engineering grade materials to choose from and efficient tool design, we can manufacture market-ready  products  in batches of 1-1000 units. These hard-plastic parts can be made from various materials including:

  • ABS

  • Polycarbonate

  • HTPE


Silicone Molding

We offer a wide selection of silicone and polyurethane rubber with a large  range of hardness.  Understanding the application of the invention, we ensure your parts are produced with high accuracy and have the appropriate elasticity and durability.

  • Durometer 10-60 Shore A Hardness

  • Platinum Cure

  • Tin Cure



Our custom in-house overmolding process allows us to bond several materials together  for unique applications.  We can adhere hard plastics to each other, or combine them with various durometer silicones. This technique creates dynamic parts for your product.