Intellectual Property Procurement


Intellectual Property Protection

When your desire to protect your great idea by obtaining a patent or trademark, RDM is here to help.  With  a network of trusted lawyers, we act as a bridge between engineering and law disciplines, saving  you money by managing the complicated and  expensive intellectual property protection process. We also create all the drawings, descriptions, and content necessary to support your patent or trademark applications.


Provisional Patent Application

The provisional patent application is a cost-effective approach to gain protection and claim “patent pending” for 12 months, allowing you to pursue market testing and development with peace of mind. The filing date marks the creation of the novelty of the invention, and is  used as the conception date in future applications, provisional or utility.

Utility Patent Conversion

With testing complete, the utility patent application can be completely drafted by RDM  and submitted to our trusted patent lawyers with all relevant drawings, pictures, and descriptions for review. This protects your invention for years at a marginally lower cost compared to working solely with attorneys.


For projects that include  plans for  building branding, creating barriers to entry, or  licensing, we recommend trademark protection. We are able to file for full trademark protection on your entity’s behalf.