Packaging Production


Packaging Production

You have a perfect prototype and a package design ready, but no way to produce it at volume. At RDM we use our in-house laser equipment for creating cardboard solutions and work with leading industry package manufacturers to produce plastic packaging at the scale you need for your online or retail distribution channels.


Cardboard Solutions

Our cardboard packaging solutions are a great option for those who desire flexibility. With a standardized sizing approach, we can offer you the most economical solution that minimizes the package footprint. With the optimal package size and design, retailers are more likely to stock your product, and your shipping costs are minimized.

Plastic Solutions

An alternative to cardboard, plastic clamshell packaging is a hinged one-piece container that is molded to your product. This packaging solution is economic, cost-effective, and displays your products features in full for customers to see. Graphic inserts can be  included to display important information about the product and brand without adding to the size of the package. For  orders greater than 2,500 units,  this is a great long-term solution for your business.