Packaging Design


Packaging Design

Displaying a product in an elegant way gives you the best chance of selling it. With  in-house packaging capabilities, we can design your package to fit your target audience. Various concepts can be used for presentation and preliminary market testing. Our engineers work with leading manufacturers to ensure that your packaging can be produced affordably at scale without sacrificing quality.



Using large format laser cutters, no cardboard solution is too complicated to create. We start with two-dimensional outlines, add branding elements, and produce  low-cost designs  with professional appeal. With minimalistic approach, we design all packages with manufacturing in mind, ensuring the most cost-effective solution is reached.

  • Custom graphics

  • Shipping protection

  • Transparent window installation


For our clients that are selling products in-store, minimizing size and cost is paramount. Our clamshell packaging solutions allow for the most economical use of space. The clear plastic clamshell design lets customers see and feel the product before purchase.

  • Product instruction inserts

  • Ideal for similar product variants

  • Pre-production prototypes for validation